This is Yoga

Flexibility and strength,
will and surrender,
concentration and expansion.

We live on Earth inside our body.
Yoga can help us feel more at home.

Hatha yoga is a physical system to harmonize body and mind. That is what I teach, in different formats with different focuses. The Sanskrit word vinyasa means “to place in a special way”. In the context of yoga it refers to a practice that works not only with the poses (asana) but also with the transitions between them, bringing breath and movement together in a flow. Restorative poses are passive and promote deep physical and psychological rest and regeneration.

> Clear and detailed instructions offer a safe and powerful physical experience.
> A focus on the breath and the core provides physical stability and promotes introspection.
> Options to adapt the practice and develop the relationship with yourself.
> Respect for personal space.
> Doctrine-free inspiration towards a lively and serene integration of body and psyche.

I am concerned about cultural appropriation and exclusion in yoga teaching and I am committed to making my classes inclusive and respectful to the origins of yoga. If you notice something that contradicts this, please let me know so that I can improve.

(Photo: Beatrice Madach)

Hatha Vinyasa
In this class you will develop inner and outer strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and perseverance. Stay connected within, challenge yourself safely, fulfil your capacity, and cultivate the relationship with your own body. Working with movement and stillnes we learn to find stability in the midst of change and to notice ongoing transformation in apparent stillness.

I teach in theme blocks that I hold over several weeks with a new sequence every week. Coming regularly you will experience progress and transformation. If you want to just drop in, you’re also welcome. Every session is comprehensive and balanced and can be taken independently.

Vinyasa to Restorative
This class is especially designed for all those who want to come to rest after a fast-paced day but find it difficult to stop the body and the mind. The session meets you where you are, beginning with dynamic vinyasa sequences to burn off excess energy and release endorphines that will induce a rest and feel-good response. The pace comes down gradually through stretches to relax the muscles and final restorative poses that still the mind.

A physical modality to balance body and mind, counteract stress and anxiety and promote your capacity to feel present and clear.