This is HIIT on a MAT

A powerful, empowering and body-friendly workout!

HIIT on a MAT is a complementing workout for yoga practitioners who want to improve their cardiovascular capacity, boost their metabolism and develop stronger and more defined muscles.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises are fast movement repetitions which bring the heart rate up and activate the fast-twitch muscle fibres. Alternating short periods of activity and rest provides more results in less time.

  1. A thorough warm-up.
  2. High-intensity interval series.
  3. Cool down with fascial stretches and balancing breath.

Functional movements, core stability, safe alignment, balance and coordination for all levels of fitness. No music setting a pace and options to scale every exercise up or down. This fitness modality supports your progress and a healthy relationship with your body free of pressure, frenzy and techno.

Note: This class intends to make HIIT accessible for the majority of the population. If you are a high-performance athlete this class might not take you to your maximum capacity.